Turkish citizenship by employing 50 Turkish people

Turkish citizenship by employing 50 Turkish people


Obtaining Turkish citizenship by employing 50 Turks, the Turkish law states, after amending the conditions for granting Turkish citizenship to foreigners, which was published in 2019, that the owner of the company who can secure job opportunities for 50 Turkish citizens, can apply for Turkish citizenship, but what are The conditions for obtaining citizenship, what are the required documents, and what are its stages and procedures, all of this is what we will learn about in this regard.

How to obtain Turkish citizenship by hiring 50 Turks

This law, which used to require the employment of 100 Turkish employees to obtain Turkish citizenship, has been amended, but now a person can only employ 50 Turks to take Turkish citizenship.

 Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship by employing 50 Turks

The conditions that a person must meet to obtain Turkish citizenship are:

  1. The person must have a residence permit as stipulated in Paragraph (J) of the Turkish Law of Article 31 of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection No. 6458.
  2. The presence of the turquoise card, as this card gives its foreign holder the right to reside and work permanently in the country without registering the residence every year.
  3. The person must be registered with the Turkish Ministry of Family, Services and Social Work.
  4. That the person undertakes that the number of his employees shall not be less than 50 Turkish employees, for a period not exceeding three years, since in this case the person will be granted Turkish citizenship by the Turkish government.
  5. That the person pays all the estimated costs of hiring 50 employees over the three years.
  6. The person must have the required permits from the Turkish Ministry of Labor to apply for the Turkish citizenship file of the investor, his children and his wife under the age of 18.
  7. The absence of any impediment or impediment that threatens Turkish national security.

After fulfilling these conditions, the competent ministries in Turkey determine the individuals and persons who were able to fulfill the previous conditions, and were able to employ the work of 50 Turkish citizens in order to grant them Turkish citizenship by a decision of the President of the Republic within the scope of what is required by subparagraph (b) of the first paragraph of Article 12 of Law No. 5901

Documents required to obtain Turkish citizenship by hiring 50 Turks

  1. The application petition, signed by the applicant, with the signature statement taken from the notary public.
  2. a copy of the passport.
  3. A commercial register showing the share capital of the companies or partnership that employs the 50 Turkish employees, in addition to the commercial register certificate of the business.
  4. A list of employees taken from the Social Security Institution system. This list shows the insured persons who work in the workplace.
  5. A report from the Revenue Administration System in Turkey to clarify the tax issue of the intended workplace or premises, whether the applicant is a partner or owner of these premises.
  6. An official letter from the Directorate of the Turkish Social Security Institution, where this letter should state the social security premiums in the workplace, debt status and the respective workplaces.
  7. A written statement stating whether the company has been fined within the past six months, and if so, the relevant documents must be attached.

What are the stages and procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship by employing 50 Turks

  1. ubmit a written application to the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services (International Department of Human Resources) and attach the required documents specified in the conditions.
  2. The application must first be submitted to the Ministry of Family, Social Services and Labor and the International Labor Office.
  3. The evaluation of the application is completed within seven days, and if the submitted application lacks information or documents, the applicant will have 30 days to complete the deficiencies.
  4. Applications that do not meet the requirements during this period will be rejected.
  5. The Ministry of the Interior and the applicant will receive the results of the application evaluation from foreigners who meet all the required conditions.

How long does it take to appoint 50 Turkish employees to obtain Turkish citizenship?

The application for obtaining Turkish citizenship by employing 50 Turks takes 45 days, and this is the time limit set by the government to complete the official procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship, starting from submitting the application until the delivery of all necessary documents in full to the relevant authorities of the Turkish government, until the approval of the President of the Republic Turkey, and the Republic has the right to agree to grant Turkish citizenship to foreigners.

Advantages of Turkish citizenship

Turkish citizens can easily travel to 72 countries that do not require a visa in advance, while 7 countries grant an electronic visa to the Turkish citizen upon arrival, and most of these countries give Turkish citizens the right to live on their territory for a period of time from 30 to 90 days, and among the most important countries that Turkish citizens can enter it without a visa:

Bahrain, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, Singapore, South Korea, Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia, Georgia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Northern Cyprus (Turkish), Serbia, Ukraine.

Kenya, Libya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Morocco, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia, America, Argentina, Bahamas, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay.

How do I evaluate my property value?

The value of the real estate will be evaluated by the appraisal companies, which is a company approved by the Turkish government and will provide an estimate report in your Turkish citizenship privileges document, and when you obtain Turkish citizenship by employing 50 Turks, you will enjoy all the rights enjoyed by Turkish citizens, as the citizen enjoys Turkey is in a good position in the world.

And Turkish passports are ranked 36 to 39 in the world, not to mention the numerous trade treaties between Turkey and the European Union countries, and to promote the entry of Turks into their country, Turkey may join the European Union countries, and this is discussed from time to time, and the purpose of this is to open the door of Aruba to all A person with Turkish citizenship.

Do I have to stay in Turkey for a while to get Turkish citizenship?

Turkish law on granting Turkish citizenship by employing 50 Turks does not require applicants to reside in Turkey for a period of time to obtain citizenship.

Does the Turkish government allow dual citizenship?

You do not have to give up your original citizenship, because dual citizenship is a right guaranteed by Turkish law, and after you obtain Turkish citizenship by employing 50 Turks, you can keep both citizenships, and the Turkish government did not ask you to give up your original citizenship when you obtain Turkish citizenship.

Does the investor grant Turkish citizenship to his family? Yes, the wife and child under the age of 18 obtain Turkish citizenship when presented in the file of the investor who was able to obtain Turkish citizenship by employing 50 Turks.

This is what we were able to offer you at Al-Fanar about how to obtain Turkish citizenship by employing 50 Turks, and what are the procedures and papers required for Turkish citizenship by hiring 50 Turks, and you can contact us if you want more.