Legal Accounting Services

Legal Accounting Services

The position of a chartered accountant in Turkey is recognized as one of the mandatory functions for establishing companies, as it is considered a necessary need for the work of your company and its legal representation before the Turkish state and its institutions.

The importance of the chartered accountant in Turkey is that he is the party from which you can obtain all the advisory details of your company, to avoid making any mistake or legal loophole, and he also has a role in regulating tax matters, which contributes to facilitating all transactions between the company and the relevant government institutions

The chartered accountant shall also certify each of the following documents:

Value Added Tax Support Procedures

Open credit to customers

Customs data

Capital Payment Documents

Data of goods being brought in or sold

Lots of other documents and papers

The tasks and functions of a certified accountant for your company are also summarized in the following points:

Organizing the company's commercial records "import and export, buying and selling, expenses and expenses, and everything related to the above"

Health insurance procedures, by preparing salary scales, compensation, and creating files for health insurance for employees

Registering trademarks legally

Follow-up on the payment of taxes and premiums related to health insurance insurance for employees.

Sending various reports to the competent Turkish authorities, such as employee hours schedule, financial reports, tax schedules, and all exceptional or emergency reports.

Many other services that make him the authorized agent of the company in front of any official body in Turkey, and he is responsible for communicating with them.