Residence services in Turkey

Residence services in Turkey

Our company is interested in providing all the services and advice necessary to obtain a legal residence in Turkey that guarantees you to stay in the country for a period longer than the visa period allowed for you.

Our services vary in this aspect according to the type of accommodation:

We help foreigners in general to obtain tourist residence in Turkey

We also help those who own real estate in Turkey to obtain real estate residency in Turkey

As well as for university students in Turkey, we help them to obtain study residence "student residence in Turkey"

And those who meet the conditions of family residence, whether "husband / wife / children", we also help them to obtain this residence.

For foreigners wishing to work in Turkey or establish a company there, they also need to obtain a work permit, and we will certainly help them to obtain this residence.

Our services do not stop there, but include:

Legal follow-up of any problem you encounter during the issuance of your residency

Prepare your official legal papers

Providing you with all the necessary advice

Follow up on the file for obtaining the residence permit for the first time or renewing it completely

Doing the necessary agencies when needed